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Ministry to Orphans

We currently operate a Ministry Center in Targu Mures where children gather throughout the week for tutoring, Bible study, life-skills coaching, and fellowship.  The Dascals and their volunteers spend time investing in the children’s hearts and lives by assisting them with school work and homework, praying though and studying God’s Word, teaching them how to resolve conflict and prepare for job training, and spending many days cooking meals and learning how to create a budget. Each month, there is a birthday celebration for the children and volunteers and every other month, children are taken to restaurants and coffee shops so they may practice social skills and explore the city they live in. Our goal is to prepare these children to become a contributing member of their community and to one day become men and women who love and live with hope for their futures.


Orphan Prevention/

School Ministry

Each week, our ministry team visits three schools in Mures County. Within each school, there are children who are “at promise” and need additional academic support, as well as, emotional and social enrichment.  At one of the schools, in the village of Nades, we started an after-school program for those students identified by the teachers as struggling and in need of remediation.  These students remain after school each day, receive a full course meal, and are given strategies and opportunities to learn what they have missed in their younger years. Through these efforts, the children and their families are given hope for a future that is not defined by their circumstances.


Family Preservation/

Adult Literacy

For the last three years, Claudia Dascal has held adult literacy classes and parent training classes for single mothers living in the village of Lechinta. These women and their children live below the national poverty line and their homes have no running water or electricity,  The children come to school hungry and their moms cannot help them with school work because they cannot read or write.  Many of these mothers are in their teens and early twenties and see no way for their children to have a better life.  Claudia has worked closely with the community and the teachers at the school in Lechinta to develop relationships with these women, who have often been abused and left to raise their children alone.  Along with establishing trust and hope for a future, Claudia invests in the hearts of these women by introducing literacy skills and life skills that give them dignity and a desire to look beyond their present circumstances and to work toward breaking the cycle of poverty and despair.  The sons and daughters of these women now see their mothers hopeful and joyful about what the future holds. They have become friends with one another and support each other consistently.  

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