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Backpacks For Success

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

During the spring of 2018, Taylor Gauthreaux began to think about his senior Eagle Scout Project. He felt led to consider something that would benefit the the children he met and ministered to in Mures County, Romania. Taylor traveled to Romania in 2017 and 2018 and saw firsthand the need for these struggling students to receive all of the tools possible to situate them for success. He chose to design his project around providing backpacks for at-promise students going to school in Nades, Romania. He invited friends, family, neighbors, and teachers to consider giving to the project through online sponsorship.  The response was overwhelming! Taylor collected over 1200 items to give to the students and teachers in Nades. The teacher who works with the students in our after school program was overwhelmed by the generosity of Taylor and his community in Atlanta and she shared, “These children need these supplies because without them, their progress will be interrupted.” We thank Taylor and his community for reaching across the ocean to provide tools for success for these precious children!

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