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Gifting God's Word

During our trip to Romania this fall, we were able to bless a beautiful group of ladies with the inspiring words of God. His Word had sustained me and comforted my soul throughout the months of 2018 and I wanted to offer the same comfort to these women through the gift of Bibles. The difficulty was that they would need to be in Romanian and preferably something they could listen to, due to their struggles with reading. Audio Bibles seemed to be a great solution but I was not sure how to find them in Romanian. Well, God knew! Through a series of events only God could orchestrate, a friend put me in touch with MegaVoice and we were able to order the Bibles. The cost of the Bibles was not in our budget, however, God covered that too! The ability to present God's Word to those mothers in Lechinta was a fantastic example of God's grace and provision. Because our desire is to care for young mothers and

to help prevent children from becoming orphans, we believe God gave this gift in order to encourage them and to give them hope for their futures and the futures of their children. I love how He continues to show us ways to love others out of the abundance He has given us. Thanks be to God for His continued hope and His grace!

Karen Harrison

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