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  • Claudia Dascal


March is a month dedicated to women all over the world. Thank you to all the incredible women who served with us over the years. I was blessed to meet each of you,

women with incredible strength, faith and ability to love, and was blessed enough to learn from you.

Thinking about all of you this March, my mind was invaded by an image of hope and all the beautiful girls we ministered to together over the years. You gave, loved, and sacrificed so generously to be able to be part of this ministry and there are so many beautiful stories that are part of your legacy today. Many of the orphan girls you so beautifully loved are today better mothers, wives, friends, and people because of you. Thank you for listening to the call God placed on your heart; you made a difference, and most importantly, you left a kingdom legacy here in Romania in the lives of these beauties.

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