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Summer 2018: Beauty from Ashes

This summer, our ministry partner, Claudia Dascal, hosted a women’s conference for some of the mothers in the village of Lechinta. 

"These days spent with the ladies from Lechinta have truly been amazing. We talked, we shared, we laughed and we cried. The amount of pain some of them have been through, and are still standing in, is humbling. One of my sweet ladies in her 39 year has had over 30 abortions but is ready to shatter the lies placed over her life and allow God to bring light and help to break the circle of abuse over her life and family. One big thing they all had in common was abandoning school early on and having their first baby when they were 14, 15 ! We talked about the legacy they leave for their sons and daughters and about their amazing role as moms and wives in their home and communities.

On the last day,  as we spoke about identity and being warrior princesses for our families, they each got a little crown and one of them said she never felt this special! 

God is doing something beautiful in this community and among these ladies. He is mighty to save and so full of love for these beautiful princesses and unique women.”

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