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I recently heard this word for the first time during a message given by Christine Caine during Passion 2019. She charged Christians with the mission to become a body of believing believers, explaining that we cannot impress God but we can amaze Him. When we trust Him we amaze Him and when we amaze Him, He marvels at us. And when Jesus marvels, miracles happen. We have been given a new year and more opportunities to share the goodness of God and His unending provision. I am pondering this question; How may we prepare our hearts for the year ahead and embrace the vision He will graciously give us to love and lead our precious children in Romania? My answer thus far is to give God reasons to marvel at our faith. And we do that by trusting Him, completely and miraculously. We know it takes a village and we know it must include faith. Together, we have seen the Lord move mountains and boulders and part seas and provide miraculous healing in the lives and hearts of children and adults throughout villages in Romania. The kindness and generosity bestowed on our resources has allowed us to bring Jesus to people groups who have otherwise been discounted. So, in this next year, we will be a ministry of faith that allows God to be astonished by our belief in Him. And we will pray, as believing Believers, that He will marvel and miracles will happen. Please join us in fixing our eyes on the One who is miraculous and opening our arms to His love and His hope. And may we relentlessly pour out all that we receive.

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